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Our wall displays are custom built to fit your desired space and provide a wide variety of merchandising options at eye level.


The display area can be designed using serval display options such as , slatwall, grid wall, wood planks and metal panels for magnetic merchandise hangers.


Multiple base cabinet options to maximize your display and storage needs. The open shelving option is designed to accommodate heavy items such as ammunition.


All of our Wall displays come standard with pull-out counter surfaces to aid in the sale and comparison of different items.


· Available in any length and configuration

· Tempered Glass doors with Security Track

· LED Lighting

· Premium Key Retaining Lock

· Durable laminate Exterior Finish

· Laminate or melamine interior Finish

· Stain and Paint grade options

· Optional Security Shutters

· Display Options

- 3” or 6” Slatwall with metal inserts

- Metal Grid Wall panels

- Wood planks (optional metal inserts)

- Steel Panels that can be wrapped with vinyl or powder  coated   (For use with magnetic hangers)

- Wood or Laminate Panels with Rail Hanger System

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