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Ram Craft utilizes programs like AutoCAD to create accurate floor plans and layouts to scale for our customers that can be provided to your architect for permit drawings or we can provide permit drawings using our Architectural/Engineering partners. 2D drawings can be created from a sketch with the proper dimensions or an as-built drawing if one is available.
Need as-built drawings? Often times as-built drawings are needed for demolition plans and building permits. We can perform a field survey of your space and gather all of the information needed for permit drawings, such as existing electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. and create the necessary drawings for the Architect and Engineers.



3D Renderings provide our customers with a full color realistic 360 degree view of the potential of the space. We can incorporate all of the construction, millwork and fixtures into the renderings and provide multiple layout and color options. Want to see how the colors and style you have chosen will look? With some basic information we can design several options for you to choose from.

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Ramcraft’s work is outstanding they deliver on time and on budget. At a recent job they encountered significant unforeseen issues with the work space. They recut on site and you would never know there was an issue. I’ll be using them from now on for millwork at our many properties”

Bowie Holland  Empire Texas Equities


“Just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for everything your company has done!  From the design phase to the install and every bit of help along the way – YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Display cases turned out amazing and Coby & Chris were fantastic.  You guys have worked with us and helped us every time we need this changed or that added….it’s been a great experience working with you guys!”

–Robert M. Fuller

The guys at Ram Craft built out my store with gondola, slatwall, and a beautiful Point of Sale desk that impresses everyone who sees it. I get a compliment everyday from customers. The testing station made my process so much more efficient than my competition. Thanks again guys, and Ill call you as soon as we get rolling on store #2.” –Mike Clark


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